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Since there are so many components to good diabetes management, no one can effectively manage it alone.  A team approach is needed. While you are the most important member of your healthcare team, comprehensive diabetes care requires the coordinated efforts of several healthcare professionals. At Greensboro Endocrinology, we take the time to be sure that all aspects of your diabetes care are well looked after. Working closely with your primary care provider, we help coordinate a multidisciplinary team approach. Members of your diabetes circle of care may include these professionals:

  • Our board-certified clinical endocrinologist, Michael D. Altheimer, MD, (with over 30 years of experience providing expert diagnosis, evidence-based treatment, advanced diabetes management techniques, thoughtful guidance, and coordination of care)
  • Diabetes nurse educators and registered dietitians (bringing a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to the full spectrum of diabetes patient education services, with a focus on each patient’s specific needs)
  • Our medical assistant and administrative staff (helping coordinate many aspects of your care with kindness and efficiency)
  • Eye specialist (for timely detection and treatment of diabetes-related eye problems)
  • Dentist (to help prevent gum disease and dental problems often associated with diabetes)
  • Podiatrist (to help prevent and treat problems of the feet and lower legs)
  • Pharmacist (for advice on how to take your medications and what to watch for)
  • Exercise physiologist (to help guide your physical activity and fitness)
  • Mental health professionals (such as social worker or psychologist to help deal with any emotional burdens)
  • Other medical specialists (such as cardiologist, nephrologist) to help manage any diabetes complications

This team approach helps our patients fully understand and address their diabetes and related conditions. We thus empower each of our patients to be an active participant in his/her care.

For more information about comprehensive diabetes management, see Your Health Care Team at the American Diabetes Association website.

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In 2008, I became seriously ill and spent over 7 months in the hospital with 3 operations and 4 months in rehabilitation. Dr. Altheimer played a major role in my successful recovery, for which I will be forever grateful.