Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs below are for Greensboro Endocrinology, which closed in December 2017. 

Michael D. Altheimer, MD joined Wake Forest Baptist Health on January 1, 2018.  Click here for details.


 How do I make an appointment?
 I have an urgent problem, can I get an appointment the same day?
 What am I expected to do prior to my first visit?
 What if I am late for my appointment?
 What if I cannot keep an appointment?
 What should I bring to my office visits?
 Will I be seen on time for my appointments?
 Will you remind me of my appointment?


  Do you have a lab in your office?
 Are you accepting new patients?
 How do I reach the physician on-call after hours?
 How do I renew my prescriptions?
 How do you determine charges?
 What are your office hours?
 What happens if I need admission to the hospital?
 What if I move or change insurance plans?
 What is an endocrinologist?
 What is an internal medicine doctor?
 Will you keep my other doctors informed?


 Do you accept Medicare assignment?
 Do you file insurance claims? What are your payment policies?
 What if my insurance company denies a service as not covered?
 What if my insurance plan requires authorization from my primary care provider?
 What if you don’t participate in my insurance plan?
 What other insurance plans do you participate in?
 Will my supplement cover the amount that Medicare does not cover?

Medical Records

 Do you use an electronic medical record?
 How do I arrange transfer of medical records to or from your office?
 How do you ensure that my medical information is kept confidential?

Patient Portal
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I am so grateful that Dr. Altheimer is my endocrinologist. He listens to my concerns and needs and asks good questions about my symptoms so that they can be better managed. I had never, ever been treated by an MD who reviewed my record for more than a moment or two before entering the exam room until I met Dr. Altheimer. I was very impressed that he had thoroughly reviewed my patient information and lab results before meeting me. He was prepared to provide excellent care and education, and he has done exactly that. He also expects the same excellent service from his staff. This is a very experienced and professional team that I trust implicitly with my health care.